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Using traditional media and other digital platforms has pushed the cost per lead in the Debt Review market to a point where it is no longer profitable. Our client needed a new source of high quality leads that would convert at 10% or more to get their business growing again. 


We identified their ideal customers, people who earned R15 000 or more per month, had unsecured debt in excess of R100 000 and were actively looking for a solution to their problem. They also could not currently be under debt review as that would disqualify them as a potential customer. 

We also created tightly defined lookalike audiences based on the ideal customer profile. Our offer focused on content that visitors could use right away to help their situation through to a carefully constructed offer for those people who were looking for immediate help.


We currently supply our client with over 3000 high quality leads per month and with conversion rates consistently sitting at 11.2% they are finally able to achieve sales targets without over spending on their advertising budget. Generating a fantastic, measurable ROI.


'Their commitment to ensuring we get great quality leads at the right CPL means we always get a great ROI. In our industry it is all about getting the right volume and quality, which are delivered to us consistently'.

Jeunesse is a Billion Dollar international company that is looking for entrepreneurs in the South African space to assist in selling their stem-cell products. 

In the first 2 weeks we generated over 170 leads and had to pause the campaign as they were falling behind on the follow-up meetings.

Bev Wharton-Hood

(Stem Cell Wellness Products)


We have worked with a number of wedding photographers from Johannesburg to Cape Town to San Francisco and have managed to get exceptional results for them. You can see what a few of them had to say about their experience below. 

Some Of Our Valued Clients

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